Loving these fab shots of the gorgeous Ms S. We just love her outfit choices they’re just sooooo sexy!!

Thank you so much for allowing us to your photographs! Her before and after is available on our Facebook page

Ms S absolutely loved her time with us and is now planning to come again next year to try out some other sets and poses. So great when ladies love their time with us and want to come back again



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Posted by Alison White on March 13, 2017

This lovely lady has allowed us to share her before and after! How gorgeous does she look

Her partner bought her a gift voucher for Christmas and he came along to the viewing to help her choose which piccies she wanted and he treated her to one of our gorgeous Bow Boxes, How lovely

Thank you so much Ms N for allowing us to share your photographs 


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A few days ago we received a thank you card from this lovely lady, what she had to say is really touching and I couldn’t help but share it with you.

Black lingerie natural light shotBlack lingerie natural light shot

“To Alison and the team,

I really just wanted to send you a card to say how much I really appreciated everything you did.

It has made such a huge impact on the way I see and feel about myself I feel like I’m a confident, beautiful, proud woman and I am truly thankful for your making me realise this. I know my mum (if she was alive) would be so happy to see how much I have changed. So many people have noticed the change!

thank you card

So thank you so much you don’t get enough credit for what you do, your skill is amazing as a photographer but your passion and understanding truly shines through, as a wonderful person with a fantastic team

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A Makeover Like No Other

Posted by Alison White on February 09, 2017

A recent testimonial from a gorgeous lady:

“I have never felt so girly before in my life! I was very nervous and really not feeling brave at all but I needn’t have worried. I have wanted to do something like this for years but after a run of autoimmune diseases, weight gain and low self esteem, I thought I’d never get round to it. Until one day last year I saw Red Bow boudoir on Facebook. The photos were tasteful and looked like a celebration of femininity. So on a whim I took the plunge. I’m not ashamed to say that when I saw the photos, I cried. I never thought I’d look that beautiful and it has given me such a huge boost in confidence. I would recommend Red Bow Boudoir to anyone. Be brave. Jump in. You will fall in love with yourself.”



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Capturing a Special Moment

Posted by Alison White on January 31, 2017

Maternity Photoshoots are such a lovely way to capture that special time in a woman’s life. We hear it a lot from ladies coming for boudoir photo shoots “Oh I wish I’d had that done when I was pregnant.”. Honestly I wish that I had a photo shoot when I was pregnant, I know it all sounds a bit cliche but they really do “grow up so fast” so making the most of every moment is crucial.

We like to offer a range of styles here at Red Bow Boudoir to best suit your preference. We usually like to keep things super natural and soft. We believe that pregnancy is such a magical and special time and we try to capture that “glowing” feeling in our photographs. Click here to see our Maternity Makeover Gallery.

Booking a Maternity Makeover photo shoot is EASY! You can either give us a call on 01227 719185 or email us at to arrange a date. We require a £100.00 deposit to book a photo shoot which is payable online or over the phone.  We usually recommend that you book in around 33 weeks. This ensures that you have a nice sizable bump. During your photo shoot we do our best to ensure you feel completely comfortable. You’re more than welcome to wear as much or as little as you want and we make sure that our studio is nice and warm for your ultimate comfort.

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