Competition Winner – A beautiful testimonial


Today we received this lovely testimonial that we just couldn’t not share with you all. Ms C posted this in our VIP suite, a safe place designed for ladies to share their experiences, ask questions and have some general girly chit chat in an ever growing community of Red Bow clients, past, present and future. Any lady interested in a boudoir photo shoot is welcome to join and it is a LADIES ONLY group so no need to worry! If you’d like to join our VIP Suite, Click here!  Here’s what the lovely Ms C had to say:

“Eeeekkkk!!! Yesterday was the most amazing, frightening yet liberating day!!! I was lucky enough to win the last competition and yesterday was the day for my shoot… All this week I had been so close to cancelling.. My anxiety shot through the roof and I didn’t think I could do it, but I didn’t cancel and made my way there.. Stood outside for 20mins before I could walk in 😂… I’m so glad I did. They are so so welcoming,and make you feel so comfortable. The makeover alone was such a confidence boost.. I have NEVER seen myself like that and it was amazing as I didn’t think it was possible!! Once the shoot started I felt really silly,, but Alison reassured me every step of the way and before I knew it I was viewing my pictures… I haven’t been able to look at a picture of myself without cringing for a very long time.. But I honestly kept looking at all of mine, not believing that it could be me.. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to look at them and feel proud and happy with yourself!!! I will definitely be booking again, as I know what to expect and how good it can make you feel  so if you have your shoot coming up please don’t let it worry you, you will come out feeling like you never have before and wanting to go back as soon as possible. Thank you so much to red bow, you have given me confidence which I never thought I’d have again xxxxx”


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New Beginnings, New Shoes

Today we get to share with you a very special story of New Beginnings and New Shoes.




Ms C came for a boudoir photo shoot and had a story to tell. After recently going through a divorce this gorgeous Mum of 2 wanted to chill out with a bit for a bit of me time. She came with a friend who also had a photo shoot which made the whole experience that much more fun! Lots of giggles and laughs. Completely relaxed and ready to rock Ms C had her makeover and soon went up the studio where she blossomed. So natural with her posing and what a stunning smile.



We loved all of Ms C’s outfits, from the black lace dress to the denim shirt, it was hard to choose a favourite. Though there was one special outfit, or lack of outfit that really had a lot of meaning for Ms C. The final nude shot, in just designer shoes. The first pair she has brought herself as a treat since her divorce and where better to show them off than in our French Rococo chair in our natural light Hotel Suite set.



All round there was a lot of fun had and we created some truly stunning shots. Thank you Ms C for allowing us to share your stunning photographs and more importantly your touching story.

If you’d like to book a makeover photo shoot, click here!


If you’d like more information, we’d love to talk to you! Give us a call on 01227 719185 or email us at

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Illusion of Nude

So often we get messages from ladies worrying because they can’t find outfits, or they’ve ordered last minute pieces and they don’t quite fit right. So today I’m going to go into greater detail about an outfit we all have, nothing! That’s right, I know it may seem scary but let me explain. At Red Bow we pride ourselves on being able to offer tasteful, classy shots and one of our favourites here is something we like to call “Illusion of Nude” this is where we strategically place a bed sheet, voile, a t-shirt etc. to give the illusion of nude whilst still keeping all your intimate parts covered.

This may seem daunting at first, you may be conscious of wobbly bits, stretch marks or scars but we are professionals and we’re not here to see those bits, we’re here to take the most beautiful photograph you will ever see of yourself. We are totally respectful of your privacy and turn away whilst you get into position and get yourself covered up, then we will make minor adjustments to get that fantastic shot!


If you’d like a boudoir shoot with us, you can now book on our online planner, click here!


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Dream Shoot Pamper Experience

If you follow us on Facebook you would have already seen the exiting news. We are so excited to launch our new Ultimate Dream Shoot Pampering Experience. We’ve decided to up our top package for ladies that really want to maximise the luxury of their photo shoot.

Your dream shoot will be held at a beautiful country house in Kent and will include a full pamper day.

We’ve put together a lovely promotional video from Ms D’s photo shoot earlier this month which you can see below.

We had so much fun shooting with Ms D and it really shows in the photographs!

Pedicure, Manicure, Makeover and Photo Shoot. All 20 beautifully edited photographs will be presented in a Luxury Bow Box and your favourite photograph framed. All photographs will also be provided digitally on USB and a Mobile App.


For more info please email us at

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Red Bow VIP Suite

We are so excited to now have launched our VIP SUITE Facebook page where ladies who have been to us before, ladies who are booked in and ladies who would like to book in for a shoot in the future can find out more behind the scenes info , read about other ladies experiences as well as chat and ask questions amongst themselves.

The Facebook page has been set up now for just over one month and already we have had a competition, lots of conversations and ladies sharing their photos. The great thing about the group too is that its for LADIES ONLY and is a closed group so it is only the member that can see the posts and comment.

Here are some of the posts that have proved to be beneficial to lots of our ladies.

‘She arrived, She was glam, she left to go fishing 😘😂😘 just love this lady, so much fun today.
Not usually a girlie girl (her words) but wow she looked amazing xxx only allowed to share in our closed group which makes this super special xx
Don’t forget ladies we have our VIP cover girl comp on at the moment, last pics in by midnight tomorrow xxx’


‘Right Ladies, me again 😆 I’m just curious to know what we ‘as Red Bow Boudoir Lingerie model’s’ lol do as a day job when we aren’t posing on a couch for the lovely Alison??
I am a Nurse 😁’

This post got an amazing response with over 45 members posting a photo of themselves from their shoot


We are loving the interaction between ladies and hope that it continues. Please feel free to join if you would like a shoot in the future.

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