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Canterbury Boudoir Photographer and Studio

“My wife has just been for her second shoot, after the first visit last year I have noticed a positive change in her confidence. This time she was full of confidence, this was helped by Alison and Juliette who guide and pamper her throughout the day and make her feel at ease during the whole day. I am so happy with the pictures of my wife and I know she is too, so gents go on treat your wives and girlfriend to a wonderful experience, you will not regret it.”

Great to receive a review from a clients husband, especially when he bought the shoot for her. We do lovely gift vouchers which are valid of upto six months so pop over to our Gift Voucher page and check it out. The lady in your life will love it !!

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Glamour makeover photographer Canterbury

“I can’t thank Alison enough for helping me find my confidence again. I had always wanted to book a shoot but was always too scared, I finally booked and it was the best thing ever!! I was nervous and apprehensive but Alison and Juliette made me feel so welcome and calm, my hair and make up made me feel so glamorous! I had a wobble when it came to the shoot starting but Alison reassured me and gave me confidence! I was go pleased with the photos and couldnt believe how i looked, it was so hard to choose which ones to buy, i wanted them all! 6 months later i loved it so much i entered a competition Alison was running and won another shoot and to model for Red Bow Boudoir, a dream come true! Every girl should have a photo shoot with Alison.”

Booking now into the middle of August if you would like to book before the dates are released please contact us 

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Canterbury Boudoir Photographer

“I had the most amazing day with Alison and Juliette. I’d been putting off booking for ages but finally plucked up the courage and had my shoot today. I am not a girly girl, I’m in my 50s and nowhere near as slim as I’d like to be! However, I felt a million dollars today. No pressure to wear anything I wasn’t happy in or pose in a way I wasn’t comfortable with. I went in expecting to just do lingerie shots but ended up doing a few nude shots too! Hubby will be pleased when he sees the photos. Ladies don’t be put off by your age or size, just book and you will feel and look amazing. Alison and Juliette, you girls rock!!! X”

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Boudoir Photographer in Canterbury, UK

“What an amazing day I had today. It was my second shoot and I have to say I enjoyed it even more than the first time, after meeting Alison and Juliette once, I knew what to expect and so was able to be comfortable and more confident in my shoot. I brought my friend with me for the shoot and we had laughs and giggles all day, it was like being with a group of friends messing around taking photos, they make u feel so at ease. I have been really struggling with my confidence and self esteem lately, not feeling very body confident or acceptance of the way I look – I knew that what I needed was a day with Red Bow to get that confidence back and it worked! Seeing my photos after the shoot I was very emotional to the point I cried (happy tears!). I couldn’t believe the girl in the photos was the same girl who walked in, it was like I was transformed into a completely different, more confident woman. I bought way more photos than I anticipated because they really bought out the best in me, and I wanted as many memories as possible of the day I had. The day these ladies helped me remember how to love myself 🙂 thank you so much Alison and Juliette. Such kind, lovely, amazing ladies who’s goal in their work is to make other women feel amazing! You are true gems of the world xxx

We are now booking into August 2019, if you would like to book a date before they are released please contact us.

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Black and White Photography Kent

Loved the fact that this lady opted for black and white photographs!!!

“What an addictive experience! Just had my 2nd photo shoot with the amazing Alison and Juliette and as I’d had underwear shots last time, I opted for a more casual photo shoot this time, off shoulder jumper, shirt etc and I wasn’t disappointed! Love love love my photos! I guarantee you will walk out of here feeling a million dollars! No matter how nervous or insecure you may be, these ladies make you feel at ease the second you walk through the door. They are both so lovely and down to earth and they know exactly how to get the absolute best results for you. I’d recommend every single woman do this at least once! You won’t regret it!”

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