Autumnal Self Love Project – Week One – Listen to your Body

So we are coming up to Autumn even though the sun thankfully is still smiling upon us, but before long the nights will be drawing in, and we’ll all be planning our Christmas Jollies.  I personally love Autumn the rich colours of the trees, the crunchy leaves underfoot and the Autumnal fashion, all cosy mustards, berries, caramels and bottle green.  However, I know not everyone loves this time of year.  So how are we going to get through Autumn?  Well we’re going to start an Autumnal Body Love Project.   Each week, I’ll be giving you one suggestion of something to do to enrich either your mind, body or soul starting today with Listening to Your Body.

So let’s be honest doing things that benefit your body isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  For example, I know my body is telling me to lay on the sofa and watch First Dates and drool over Fred, but my mind tells me I need to get on top of chores which will still be there tomorrow.  I used to be able to pretty much ignore what my body wants, but these days, I really need to listen to it. I know that if I don’t, I am stacking up problems for myself as I get older.

So, this week is all about working to listen to your body, understand what it needs, and give it what it needs – this will be different for all of us but we all need to listen to our bodies more.  How does this relate to you I hear you ask.  Well for example, I have friends who have had a sports injury and they need rest, but they ignore that rest.  So don’t push yourself, and ignore pain, address the pain.

I have lower back problems so I need to address them, and do gentle exercises to strengthen it, not that I always do them as other things get in the way but my body is telling me I need to do them.   Whatever niggles you might have, big or small, focus on one of them and work out what your body is telling you it needs, and help it out.

If you wake up in the morning and you’re stiff and achy – work out whether what you need is to do some stretches, or start saving for that more maybe a bit expensive albeit comfortable mattress.  Get used to understanding what your body is telling you, and responding to what its saying.  It could be that your body wants more exercise – if that is what you know in your heart your body is telling you, work out what exercise is right for you, and how you can introduce it.  Don’t try to go from nothing at all to going to a gym 5 times a week – it won’t happen and your body probably wasn’t asking for that anyway.  Be kind to yourself.  Let me know how you get on – please don’t skip this first week, this one’s really important in learning to listen to your body next week’s may be easier you’ll have to wait and see.

If you would like a confidence boost have a read about our “Experience“.

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Self Love

We have the most interesting chats with our ladies that come in for a Red Bow photo shoot.  Just remember:

Self love is more than loving yourself.

It is believing in your worth and in the value that you so uniquely possess, even when the whold world is trying to make you self doubt!

“I had the most amazing experience with Alison. I was so nervous but Alison is just so lovely and welcoming that my nerves disappeared so quickly and I enjoyed the day so much more than I expected to.”

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Ladie’s Photography

Ladie’s Photography

Why a shoot is such an investment

“I had wanted to book this for months but was never quite brave enough, or confident with myself to go ahead. Then I saw a slot come up on Facebook and just took the plunge and booked it. I was so nervous not sure what to take, expect, etc. Then my welcome envelope arrived which made it all become “real” for me. I followed the advice offered and set off on the day not knowing what to expect. Upon entering and meeting Alison all my worries disappeared, she was warm and welcoming and made me feel like I had known her a life time. The studio is confortable and cosy, like someone’s house almost ! Then Juliette set about my makeup, again I was so unsure as no mirrors until it’s done! but it was unnecessary as it was beautiful. We then went up to the photography set which again was gorgeously decorated, both ladies made sure that every shot was perfect and made me feel totally relaxed and comfortable. Once finished I had lunch, a few glasses of bubbles but did started to wonder if I would buy any pictures as I don’t like myself in photos! ? Alison brought them in and I cried …. I couldn’t believe how I looked and how stunning my pictures were. I’m now getting ready for another shoot later on in the year. The whole experience was so great I could seriously do it monthly 😊 would recommend to anyone to have this done and it should be on every ladies bucket list 😊”

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The White Shirt

The button up shirt photo is one of my favourites.  It is so versatile, nothing looks more sexy and strangely natural than throwing on a shirt.  It has the feel of waking up late on a Sunday and tossing on a favourtie shirt or better still your loved ones shirt.  Whatever colour  you choose to bring we can have it buttoned up or tantalisingly pulled open, taking it off slowly or softly falling over a shoulder.  Like I say it’s a versatile look.

Take a look at our gallery to see mnay other ladies taking the plunge and going for that special treat of a Boudoir Shoot.

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Canterbury Photography


The Whole Experience

“What can I say except AMAZING. I’ve been following Alison’s work for years and have always loved her style, seductive and glamorous without looking even remotely cheap or sleazy. The photos speak for themselves; she captures photos that allow every woman’s inner confidence and sensuality to shine through thanks to her amazing photography skills, guidance through poses, choosing outfits and sets etc. Her warmth and gentle encouragement – combined with with the fabulous work done on hair and beauty by the equally kind, friendly and talented MUA Juliette – will leave you feeling like a superstar with photos fit for Vanity Fair. If you’re thinking of booking just do it. There’s absolutely no way you will regret it.”

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