Why you dont have to lose weight to have a Boudoir Shoot!

You seriously DO NOT need to lose weight first.  Most people avoid the camera, any camera because they say they need to lose five, ten even twenty pounds.  If this becomes your mantra you will start to believe it.   Well, honestly, you don’t need to lose weight to look amazing in your portraits.  It’s my job to use the right posing, lighting and lens choices to make you look the beautiful woman that you are.  All you have to do is show up and have fun.

A boudoir shoot is not about size, it is about who YOU are and the confidence you bring to the shoot. Curves are beautiful and we love to celebrate them.  We know exactly how to pose you and use lighting to show you at your best.

Boudoir, is for people of all ages and body types. It’s not about the size you wear or think you need to wear.  It’s about the joy in which you inhabit your body and realising your sensual self.

The goal of a boudoir session is to love and accept yourself for who you are whatever shape or size! And let’s be honest your husband, your partner, your best friend they see that you’re sexy whether you’ve gained a few pounds or got that middle aged spread. You are still sexy in their eyes so you owe it to yourself to see it yourself.

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Every woman on this planet thinks they need to be smaller, more toned or a different shape.  You are not alone.  With the proper wardrobe you are giving me the ability to pose you beautifully.

So you know you go to that party you feel a bit self-conscious in your new dress then you see a woman who doesn’t have the most amazing body, in fact she may even have more lumps and bumps than you but she is working the room, smiling and oozing self-confidence – that is sexy!  She has belief in herself.  When you see the finished photos you will feel sexy and confident a boudoir shoot is empowering to all women.

In fact I have told so many lades this same thing time and time again and this gorgeous lady has been to us 3 times and each time she says next time I am going to lose weight but instead she came in worried that she had gained a few pounds and then, no surprise to us, she looked even sexier and more confident than she had before. As a photographer I love curves, well I love any lady who wants to give Boudoir ago because I knwo how empowering it can be.

Just check out our Boudoir Gallery and I can guarantee you will never guess what sizes they are.

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Kent Boudoir Photography

“Well I’ve just got home from my third Red Bow shoot. I didn’t think this could beat the others but I was SOOOOO wrong! Every time is better than the last & different in many ways!! Alison & Juliette I cant thank you enough, you are two of the most amazing women on the planet, you make women like me look hot!! 😘” 
We are currently booking in to August 2019, but are expecting to do our next date release at the end of April.  Should you wish to book, please send us an email
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Amazing Boudoir Experience

“Amazing experience – been thinking of booking a shoot for years and finally plucked up the courage. Alison and Juliette are lovely, so friendly and put you at ease instantly. The studio is gorgeous, every little thing is thought about, and is perfectly set up, clean, warm and lovely finishing touches. Juliette is a fantastic make up artist, ‘got’ the look I was going for straightaway, my hair and makeup looked stunning. She gave me skincare tips too and I’ll be seeing her again soon. Both Alison and Juliette make the perfect team. Alison understood the type of photos I was after and went through everything step by step and with loads of patience. I’m the most cardboard person in front of a camera, and she literally helped me every step of the way. She had great ideas, and eased me into everything. I didn’t feel stupid like I thought I would, my confidence grew and I got the shots I hoped I’d be confident enough to try! I never felt rushed, I loved how Alison’s ideas flowed. Lunch is provided, followed by viewing your photos. The photos are amazing!! The best I’ve ever seen myself. Didn’t imagine they would look quite as good as did and can’t believe it’s me in them. It’s definitely made me see myself in another light, and made my confidence shoot through the roof. This makes choosing which ones you’d like so difficult though, I know I’ll regret not getting them all 😊. Not once did I ever feel under pressure, throughout the shoot or when viewing the shots. Both Alison and Juliette as so talented and passionate in what they do, kind and lovely. I will 100% be back next year. Thank you both xx”

If you would like to experience a Red Bow make over photo shoot we are now booking from September 2019 onwards. BOOK NOW 

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Body Acceptance

SO many ladies would like to do a shoot but, they follow Red Bow on Facebook and Instagram, and sometimes for a few years before they finally take the plunge. It seems scary but when you actually do it you wonder why you ever worried. Alison guides you through everything and makes the whole process loads of fun.

You don’t have to lose weight, have a boob job, or any other major change to your body. The time to have a shoot is now, just as you are. We are never completely happy with what we look like but a shoot can help you to start accepting your body in a way you never thought possible.

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P.S.  Thinking about booking your own shoot, but still unsure? Drop Alison an email and lets chat alison@redbowboudoir.com

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Booking 4 Months in Advance

With such an exciting 2019 happening for us here at Red Bow, I am now releasing dates on the first of every month. I am booking 4 months in advance at the moment and when dates go up they are going pretty quickly. I cant believe, sometimes, how popular Boudoir photography is but then when I think about the great experience and the confidence it install in our ladies its no wonder that they keep coming back and telling all their friends.

So if you are reading this and thinking do you know what I want to give that a go too, then pop over to our info page and it will give you all the details of whats included and pricing. Pricing and Booking

Below are a few photos from a recent photo shoot where our lady rocked her shoot 🙂 xxx

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