1. Please provide us with your name and contact details.

2. Date of your shoot?

3. How did you hear about us?

4. What is the purpose of your shoot?

5. What music artists would you like to listen to whilst at the studio?

6. Do you have any dietary requirements?

7. How would you like you Hair and Makeup?

8. Do you have sensitive skin and are there any brands of skincare or makeup you are allergic to?

9. How would you describe your skin?

10. Are there any makeup procedures you would rather us not do, eg false lashes, mascara, eye liner?

11. How would your describe your hair?

12. Is your hair in good condition and do you give us permission to use heat to style your hair?

13. Are there any styling products or styling appliances you do not wish us to be use on your hair?

14. Do you wear hair extensions and will you require us to style them on the day?

15. Have you had any injuries, operations or medical conditions we need to be made aware of before we do your hair and makeup, eg laser eye surgery, contact lenses, head scars?

16. What do you LOVE about your body?

17. What type of Shoot would you like?

18. How many outfits are you bringing along? Tell us briefly what you are bringing?

19. How revealing would you like your photos?

20. Please confirm that you have received and read the Welcome Pack and understand the same day viewing and ordering process.

21. Would you like to bring someone with you to your photoshoot?

22. Do you give us permission to use your photos on Facebook/ Website? (Please note we DO NOT use any photos unless we receive your written permission)

23. Is there anything additional you would like to add?