Let me help you to rediscover who you are. 

As women we are so critical of ourselves, we all want to look and feel a million dollars but unfortunately life throws us curve balls all the time so its tough to feel beautiful at times.

I want every woman that walks through the doors or my studio to leave feeling on cloud nine and with a huge confidence boost that lasts their lifetime. Everytime you take a look at your photos you are going to be reminded what a gorgeous, sexy woman you are and how liberated you felt.

About Alison

So my love of photography started when I was just 11 years old when my Dad bought me a polaroid camera. I was over the moon and I couldnt stop taking photos, it had begun, my obsession with creating images that I would still to this day cherish. Both my Mum and Dad have now sadly passed away but I have those amazing images to remind me of the wonderful life we had together, priceless!

Unfortunately, I didnt pursue photography as a career but when I was 38 I decided to take a career break from Investment Banking, yes you read that right, and became a full time Mum. As the children grew I wanted to re-train and photography became my life again. My husband bought me a gorgeous Canon MK1 camera and the practising began and I havent looked back since.

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I started photographing my friends children and my own kids were my models, hence the reason they are reluctant to get in front of the camera now, and then moved into Wedding Photography. This is when the heavy studying started. I did a Diploma in The Art of Photography, attended many courses all over the country and set up my business which was going fab until Breast Cancer hit in 2010. This as you can imagine was an awful time but it allowed me to reflect on what I wanted to do when I had recovered, because I was going to recover. Two kids, I was going nowhere!!

So Boudoir, how did that happen? I had a gorgeous bride ask me to do a shoot for her as gift for her new hubby and we had so much fun I knew this was what I wanted to do. I had gone through so much ugly, sadness, fear from the Cancer treatment that I knew this was what I was meant to be doing. It was all a gift!!

And until I finally decide to retire, Boudoir is my love, my passion and what I want to do every day! I want you to be part of my journey!