You seriously DO NOT need to lose weight first.  Most people avoid the camera, any camera because they say they need to lose five, ten even twenty pounds.  If this becomes your mantra you will start to believe it.   Well, honestly, you don’t need to lose weight to look amazing in your portraits.  It’s my job to use the right posing, lighting and lens choices to make you look the beautiful woman that you are.  All you have to do is show up and have fun.

A boudoir shoot is not about size, it is about who YOU are and the confidence you bring to the shoot. Curves are beautiful and we love to celebrate them.  We know exactly how to pose you and use lighting to show you at your best.

Boudoir, is for people of all ages and body types. It’s not about the size you wear or think you need to wear.  It’s about the joy in which you inhabit your body and realising your sensual self.

The goal of a boudoir session is to love and accept yourself for who you are whatever shape or size! And let’s be honest your husband, your partner, your best friend they see that you’re sexy whether you’ve gained a few pounds or got that middle aged spread. You are still sexy in their eyes so you owe it to yourself to see it yourself.

weight loss

Every woman on this planet thinks they need to be smaller, more toned or a different shape.  You are not alone.  With the proper wardrobe you are giving me the ability to pose you beautifully.

So you know you go to that party you feel a bit self-conscious in your new dress then you see a woman who doesn’t have the most amazing body, in fact she may even have more lumps and bumps than you but she is working the room, smiling and oozing self-confidence – that is sexy!  She has belief in herself.  When you see the finished photos you will feel sexy and confident a boudoir shoot is empowering to all women.

In fact I have told so many lades this same thing time and time again and this gorgeous lady has been to us 3 times and each time she says next time I am going to lose weight but instead she came in worried that she had gained a few pounds and then, no surprise to us, she looked even sexier and more confident than she had before. As a photographer I love curves, well I love any lady who wants to give Boudoir ago because I knwo how empowering it can be.

Just check out our Boudoir Gallery and I can guarantee you will never guess what sizes they are.